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In low voltage installations, when a capacitor get connected, a greater transient and inrush phenomena occurs. This has the consequence that the switching of the capacitor results in a high transient and this transient can disturbs the electrical network. A part of the nominal current, occurs an over current higher than 180xIn and high frequency (3-15 kHz) while a period of 1-2 ms. This peak currents caused by the connection of capacitors are depend on the following factors:

  • Network inductances.
  • Power transformers and short-circuit voltages.
  • Fixed or automatic systems for correction power factor.
  • Presence of harmonics.

The peak current for large magnitude is undesirable and it is dangerous for the standard contactors and increases stress on the capacitors. For that reason, we recommend the utilization of specific designed contactors for capacitors switching model TC1-D of RTR Energía that ensures proper operation for this application.

Contactors for capacitor applications are designed to accomplish special operating requirements.
These contactors incorporate a frontal block with damping resistors to absorb the current peak in the connection of the capacitors.
Code Model Coil Voltage Capacitor Power
TC1-D V kVAr
CONT0025009 TC1-D2* 230 2,5
CONT0050018 TC1-D5* 230 5
CONT0125032 TC1-D12 230 7,5 -12,5
CONT0150040 TC1-D16 230 15
CONT0200050 TC1-D20 230 20
CONT0300065 TC1-D33 230 25-30
CONT0400085 TC1-D40 230 35-40
CONT0600125 TC1-D60 230 50-60
CONT0700150 TC1-D70 230 60-70