Harmonic Filters and Transformers / Transformers / Single-Phase

Characteristics and Utility Construction and Materials
  • Single-phase transformer, reducer or elevator.
  • To adapts the supply voltage to the source safely through galvanic separation of circuits.
  • Dry type vacuum varnished
  • Easy installation using clamps and connection terminals.
  • Low losses magnetic plates.
  • Copper  windings  with  insulation class F (155º) in continuous operation.
  • IEC 61558-1/2
  • UNE-EN 60076-6
Technical Characteristics
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Primary Voltage From 110 to 500V
Secondary Voltage From 12 to 500 V
Heat Insulation Class F (155 ˚ C)
Dielectric Strength 4 kV
Room Temperature Max. 40º C
Protection Index IP-00