Controllers / Power Factor Regulators / PR-12D

Características generales
  • Smart Alarm system: advise us when we´re getting closer to penalization, if any does not work properly, etc..
  • Its information system allows us to know the basic parameters in general and per phase: state of capacitors, temperature, voltage and current…
  • Net analyzed: allows us to know THD both voltage and current.
  • Interactive menu.
  • Parameters selection: time of connection / disconnection of capacitors, protection for step.
  • Telegestion: Communication accessory for the transmission of information.
Technical Characteristics
Power Supply, Un 230 Vac (Phasel/Neutral)
Vin 10-300 Vac (L-N) and 15-500 Vac (L-L)
Operation voltage range (0.8-1.1) x Un
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current measurement circuit 5/5…10000/5 A
Minimum current value 10 mA
Power consumptions <1 VA
Accuracy of measurement 1% ±digit
Display 3,2´´
Connection RS485
Physical Characteristics
Protection degree IP-20
Temperature Range -5˚C +50˚C
Humidity 15%-95%
Type of installation Front panel mounted
Dimensions 144x144x45 mm
Code Steps Voltage
REG12DPR1200000 12 230 Vac (Phase/Neutral)
400 Vac (Phase/Phase)
Communication accessory for the transmission of information