Controllers / Power Factor Regulators / PR-9D

General Characteristics
  • Regulator suitable for installations with single-phase loads or unbalanced phases.
Technical Characteristics
Rated Voltage, Un 230 Vac (Phase-Neutral)
400 Vac (Phase-Phase)
Operating Range (0.8-1.1) x Un
Operatin Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption < 1 VA
Contact Current Máx. 3 A/240 VCA
Current Measurement Range (As secondary current of Curr.Trf)
0.1-6 A AC
Display Range (power factor) 0.00-1.0 Ind & Cap
Min. Current Measurement Value 50 mA
Measurement sensitivity 1%  ±1 dígito
Current Transformer Ratio 5/5…10000/5 A
Max. Cap. Bank switch on&off time 10…60 s
Min. switch on&off time 2…10 s
Ind% set value 10%…50%
Cap% set value 5%…50%
Display 4 Digits LED Display
Physical Characteristics
Protection class IP-20
Connector Protection Class IP-00
Ambient Temperature -5˚C +50˚C
Humidity 15%-95%
Connection type To front panel tap
Dimensions 144x144x40 mm
Code Steps Voltage
REG08DPR9000000 8