LV PFC Capacitor Banks / Automatic capacitor bank / ST

Particularities of capacitor banks with static contactors
The static contactors (thyristor switching) are suitable for the installations where load fluctuations are important and fast, in a conventional capacitor banks connection and disconnection of reactive powers are based on electromechanical contactors switching which cannot act fast enough to take the necessary compensation all the time. In such cases the ideal solution is to apply these static contactors, where fast and transient free switching is required.

The advantage of static contactors switching in PFC banks:

  • Static contactor switching instead of conventional contactor, is the best solution in application where required fast and transient free connection. Thyristor switchs connecting the capacitors at zero crossing of the current.
  • Disconnecting the capacitor without transient. The disconnection occurs when falling zero crossing of the current.
  • Faster switching time (20 ms for a 50 Hz network).
  • Voltage stabilization and improve electrical energy efficiency.
  • Improve service life of the PFC banks.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.

  • Immediate response to PFC compensation for the loads such as welding machines or small cord points, elevators, cranes, furnaces and, in general, those presenting short charging cycles. This condition is not possible with conventional contactors.
  • Lower wear of capacitors and contactors for maneuver. This is an immediate result of the elimination of temporary and total absence of moving mechanical parts. The life of the equipment as a whole is significantly increased over conventional equipment with contactors.
General Information Components
  • Use in significant industrial installations for reactive power compensation.
  • Indoor mounting in ventilated room.
  • Inside cabinet temperature max. ≤55ºC.
  • Left side top entry.
  • Capacitor series DWCAP or MA/C/CE TER.
  • With or without On-load break switch (ICC).
  • With or without de-tuned harmonic filters.
  • Static contactors (Thyristor switching moduls).
  • HRC fuses or MCB for steps protection.
  • Microprocessor based PFC regulator.
  • Galvanized sheet metal cabinet with color RAL 1013.
Upon request
RTR Technical team can assist for designing PFC equipment’s which suit to the customer needs for different powers, voltage, frequency…