What is RTR Energía?

RTR Energia is a Spanish company focused on the power factor correction, and we offer customized solutions for every segment of the market. We are able to identify every customer need and we personalize our service in every detail, following our commitment with the innovation.

Since 1979, our philosophy of continuous improvement led us to be present in more than 60 countries. Our steady progress is reflected in the development of new products that contribute to improving energy efficiency. Nowadays, we are the only Spanish manufacturer of capacitors for power factor correction.

Our history

Our Company was born in 1979 as DNA Energía, as a department for power factor correction of the DNA Group. After its sale in 1996, DNA Energía became RTR Energia with the current team.

Now, more than 30 years later, RTR has two factories in Pinto (Madrid) and Chile. Our installations, with more than 4500 m², are the main focus of our work: the design and production of products to achieve energy efficiency. We have a wide network of sales team throughout the Spanish geography.

Worldwide presence

We are a group with a strong international vocation. Since our foundation, we have a factory in Chile and, day to day, we have not stopped growing, in 2009 we opened our office in China; in 2012 in Russia and in recent years South Korea, Turkey and Thailand.

During the last years we have also managed agreements and partnerships with emerging markets, being present in more than 60 countries. In this way, and with the support of the prestigious UL certification and product certification agency AENOR, 65% of our turnover lies in exports.

State of the art installations

Since our beginning, RTR Energy have two production centers, one located in Madrid and the other in Chile.

Our installations in Madrid are located in Polígono Industrial of Pinto Estación. With more than 4500 m², we have the different departments of research and development, design and production of all products. Chile facilities manages all the demand in South America.

In addition to our main facilities, in RTR we have sales offices around the world: China, Russia, South Korea, Turkey and Thailand.