Utility and
Under order Materials and
Normatives and
• Three-phase reactance for
rejection of harmonics.
• They avoid resonance between the inductive impedance (line, power transformer) and the three-phase capacitors used for
power factor correction.
• Tuned with capacitors
MA/C/CE TER RCT or DWCAP RCT, at resonance frequencies of 210, 189 Hz or 134 Hz (252, 227 and 160 Hz if the nominal frequency is 60 Hz).
The technical department of RTR Energy offers the possibility of manufacturing
equipment according to the needs of customer application, defining power, voltage, frequency…
Dimensions and weight, consult.
• Very low loss magnetic plate.
• Conductor with insulation H (180ºC), in permanent regime.
• Thermal protection.
• Specially designed windings
to increase ventilation and improve heat dissipation.
• Dry type vacuum varnished for ensure quiet operation and moisture resistant.
• IEC 60831-1/2:2014
• UNE-EN 60831-1/2:2014
• UL 94. 20141031-E470994
Technical characteristics
Tolerance L -5% Overvoltage Factor 7%, 14% (Others on request) Protection Thermostat 95ºC, 120ºC, 140ºC
Nominal Frequency 50Hz (60Hz on request) Thermal Insulation Clase H (180º C) Maximum overload 1,17 x In
Intensity Saturation Core 1,8xln Insulation voltage 4 kV Degree of Protection IP-00