Utility and characteristics Materials and constructions Normatives and certificates
• Three-phase galvanic isolation transformer between primary and secondary circuits. For use as an isolation and safety transformer or voltage adapter as a booster or reducer.
• Dry type vacuum varnished to ensure quiet operation and moisture resistance.
• Easy installation, practical connection with clamp or plate type terminals. Other type of connection on request.
• Low loss, high efficiency laminated magnetic core.
• Windings: in high quality copper or aluminum with
excellent insulation.
•Dimensioned for 100% operation at temperatures up to 40ºC.
• Possibility of different inputs/outputs and windings.
• IEC 61558-1/2
• UNE-EN 61558-1/2
Technical characteristics
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz Dielectric Strength Up to 5kV, depending on the operating voltage
Primary/Secondary voltages Hasta 1000 V Maximum ambient temperature 40%
Class I Degree of Protection IP-00 (hasta IP-54 disponible bajo pedido)
Thermal Insulation Clase F (155 ˚ C)