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Triple security Materials and
Certificates and
• Three-phase capacitor DUAL WINDING.
• Triangle coupling.
• Built-in discharge resistance.
• Power factor correction.
• Oversized to withstand surges.
• Dry type.
• Connector.
• Indoor use.
• Disconnection system above Pressure.
• Protection by internal fuses.
• DWCAP system (PATENTED) by internal
displacement of the coils.
• Metallized polypropylene film
low-loss self-healing, high density, high
temperature and higher dielectric strength Volts/μ.
• Self-extinguishing polyurethane resin V0, elaborated under regulations UL 94 by RTR Energy and with certification 20141031-E470994.
• Aluminum pot M12x16.
• IEC 60831-1/2:2014
• UNE-EN 60831-1/2:2014
• UL 94. 20141031-E470994
Technical characteristics
Tolerance Power -5% +10% Distortion arm.max. voltage 3% Peak Current Up to 350xIn
Frecuency 50Hz (60Hz bajo demanda) Distortion arm.max. in intensity 30% Degree of protection IP-20
Climatic range -25ºC +55ºC (/D) Built-in discharge resistance Incorporated Humidity Max. 95%
Dielectric losses ≤0.2 W/KVAr Coupling Triangle Useful life 150.000h
Total losses ≤0.40 W/KVAr * Test voltage between terminals 2.15 xUn 10s Altitude Máx. 4000 m.s.n.m.
Overvoltage 1.15xUn (hasta 30 min/día) Test voltage between terminals and case 5kV AC para 1min Installation position Universal
Overcurrent 1.80xIn (including effects of
overvoltage and capacity tolerances