Utility and
Under order Materials and
Certificates and
• Single-phase or three-phase transformer with galvanic isolation to maintain safety and protect sensitive medical equipment in hospitals and clinics.
• Production according to he customer’s voltage requests.
• Dry type vacuum varnished to ensure quiet operation and moisture resistance.
• Easy installation hrough connection terminals. Other type of connection on request.
• Lower input current.
• Better voltage regulation.
• Lower no-load current.
• Leakage currents close
o zero.
RTR Energía’s technical department
offers the possibility of manufacturing
equipment according to the client’s
application needs.
• Laminated magnetic core of low losses, high efficiency.
• Copper or aluminum windings of high quality.
• Excellent insulation.
• Overtemperature protection.
• Independent central terminal block to see the insulation level.
• EN 61558-2-15
Technical characteristics
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz Dielectric Strength 3.6kV
Primary voltage From From 220V a 415V Maximum ambient temperature 40ª
Secondary Voltage From 220V a 415V Degree of Protection IP00 (otro IP bajo pedido)
Thermal Insulation Clase B (120ºC)