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• Converter transformers. They are used together with the power converters of the passenger cars.
They are mainly used in he following operations:
• Feeder: it is used to feed he converter by reducing and galvanically isolating he catenary.
• Battery charger: they are used to power the battery charger, they charge the batteries to supply power o the passenger car during power outages.
RTR Energía’s technical department offers the possibility of manufacturing
equipment according to the client’s application needs.
• Grain oriented steel core to silicon.
• Copper or aluminum windings of high quality.
• Class H insulation.
• Impregnated in special epoxy varnish that gives it immunity against environmental effects such as humidity, dust, etc.
• IEC 60310
• UNE-EN 60310
Technical characteristics
Operating voltage 24V-1500V Ripple 30%
Operating frequency DC-100Hz Insulation class F (155°C)
Switching frequency 2kHz- 8kHz Insulation voltage 6000V
Rated current 10A-2000A Ambient temperature -40°C / +60°C