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Impedance link coils are used on railway lines.
They provide continuity in the return of locomotive currents and prevent faulty transmission signals at a especific frequency.
• DC Link: they are used to dampen the ripple in the voltage of the DC Link part.
• Output chokes sinusoidal filters): used to dampen the ripple of the PWM ripple at the inverter output. They also protect the semiconductors in the circuit investor.
RTR Energía’s technical department offers the possibility of manufacturing
equipment according to the client’s application needs.
• Annealed copper encapsulated in cement. • IEC 60310
• UNE-EN 60310
Technical characteristics
Operating voltage 25kV Rated current 200-1000A
Operating frequency 50Hz Overcurrent (5m) 1.7xIn
Railway circuit frequency 83 1/3 Hz Winding material Annealed copper
Impedance 4.5Ω Insulation resistance 100MΩ a 1000V DC
Winding resistance 0.850 mΩ Ambient temperature -40°C / +60°C