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• Choke coils are used in conjunction with passenger car power converters. They are mainly used in the following operations:
• Line chokes: they are used to eliminate the harmonics generated by the converter. They also protect the semiconductors in the rectifier circuit.
• Battery chargers: they are used to dampen the ripple in the output voltage of the charger, used to charge the batteries that supply power to the passenger car during power outages.
• DC Link: they are used o dampen the ripple in he voltage of the DC Link part.
• Output chokes (sinusoidal filters): used to dampen the ripple of the PWM ripple at the converter output. They also protect the semiconductors in the inverter circuit.
RTR Energía’s technical department
offers the possibility of manufacturing
equipment according to the client’s
application needs.
• Grain oriented silicon steel core.
• High quality copper or aluminum
• Class H insulation.
• Impregnated in a special epoxy varnish that gives it immunity against environmental effects such as humidity, dust, etc.
• IEC 60310
• UNE-EN 60310
Technical characteristics
Primary voltage 24V-1500V Power 10kVA-200kVA
Secondary voltage 24V-1500V Insulation class F (155°C)
Operating frequency 16,6Hz -100Hz Insulation voltage 6000V
Switching frequency 2kHz- 8kHz Ambient temperature -40°C / +60°C
Curly %10