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Also known as UPS ransformers, these transformers are supplied in cabinets installed in the signaling equipment along the railway.
• Isolation transformer at he catenary input: these transformers provide galvanic protection between the transformer on the catenary side and the UPS controls.
They are usually monophasic.
• Line Input Isolation Transformer – These transformers provide galvanic isolation between the utility line and the UPS controls.
They are only used when here is no voltage on the catenary line. The special winding of these transformers allows a more balanced distribution of single-phase current to the line. Triphasic
• Supply transformers to the signaling station cabinets: these transformers are used to supply electricity to the signaling cabinets from a main station. To reduce transmission losses, the voltage is stepped up at the station and returned to its initial state at the signaling station.
TR Energía’s technical department offers the possibility of manufacturing equipment according to the client’s application needs • Grain oriented steel core silicon.
• High quality copper or aluminum windings.
• Class F insulation.
• Impregnated in special epoxy varnish that gives it immunity against environmental effects such as humidity, dust, etc.
• IEC 60310
• UNE-EN 60310
Technical characteristics
Primary voltage 230V-6000V Insulation class F (155ºC) (opcional clase H (180ºC))
Secondary voltage 230V-6000V Insulation voltage Hasta 20kV
Operating frequency 50Hz Ambient temperature -40°C / +60°C
Power 10kVA-800kVA Degree of protection Hasta IP54