Technical characteristics

RTR Energy’s active filter helps to eliminate harmonic distortion from the network and avoid problems that may arise due to poor power quality.
Variable frequency devices, UPS systems, computers and light savings are some of the main causes that raise harmonic distortion above acceptable limits.
High harmonic distortion reduces lifespan and causes low productivity in electrical equipment.
Some unbalanced loads, such as computers, cause excessive current through the neutral, as well as current harmonic distortions corresponding to the third harmonic that flow through the neutral, giving rise to unacceptable voltage levels between neutral and earth and that can lead to malfunctions, and even physical damage to electrical equipment.
For this reason, RTR Energía’s active filter offers a complete solution for those installations where there are dynamic variations in the load due to harmonic distortions, unbalanced loads or single-phase loads with a high level of harmonic distortion in intensity in the neutral. This active filter is connected in parallel to the existing load or to the installation, and measures and analyzes the content of harmonic distortion of the load or of the phases of the installation and injects a current in the network in the opposite direction that compensates for the existing harmonics. As a result of this injection, the existing harmonics are eliminated and the neutral is “unloaded”.
These filters guarantee less than 5% THD I, even in installations where harmonic distortion is very high. Active harmonic filters also aid dynamic power factor correction with 100% inductive and capacitive support.
The system reacts to load changes in less than 25μs.

Specifications and advantages of using the
active filter of harmonics
RTR Energía’s active filters are available in two modalities:
wall-mounted or self-supporting on the floor.
The first is recommended for those cases in which the intensity is equal
or less than 70A, for higher currents the model self-supporting
• Its modular structure allows it to be easily adapted to the available space.
• There is no limitation on the number of units in parallel.
• Filtering capacity up to the 51st harmonic.
• Selective filtering up to harmonic 51.
• Ultra-fast reactive power compensation.
• Balance of unbalanced loads.
• Suppression of currents in the neutral.
• High quality dynamic filtering.
• Precise and safe operation.
• User friendly touch screen user interface.
• Easy configuration and start-up.
• Immune to interference, surges or network
RTR active filters are ideal for applications where currents that come through the neutral must be discharged or in those installations where there are high neutral-earth currents and they must be derived.
• Any facility sensitive to network conditions.
• Plastic injection, extrusion and modeling industries.
• Office buildings and shopping centers (especially third harmonic and overload in the neutral)
• Industrial production machinery.
• Induction furnaces.
• UPS systems.
• Information centers.
• Photovoltaic systems and turbines wind.
Technical Characteristics
Network connection 3P3W; 3P4W
Current A 50  70  100 140 210 280 350
Neutral current A 150 210 300 420 630 840 1050
Voltage 3P3W: 200V-480V (±10%)
3P4W: 200V-415V (±10%)
Type of inverter IGBT 3 levels NPC inverter
Frecuency Hz 50/60 ±3Hz
Connection frequency kHz 20
Response time μs 25
Harmonic filtering capability Individually selectable up to the 51st harmonic
Power compensation capability
0-100% inductive
0-100% capacitive
Filter type Wall hung                         Metal cabinet
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 450x625x267                                        600x800x2100
Current transformer Class 1 or higher
Primary: 100-2500A
Secondary: 1-5A
Losses % <4%
Working temperature °C -10, +40
Protection IP20
Maximum relative humidity % 95
Noise dB <56