General characteristics

Passive harmonic filters for power converters allow current harmonics to be reduced in three-phase networks, in such a way that they protect and clean our system from their harmful effects. The filter is installed at the input of the harmonic generator thus eliminating the harmonics at their source.
These filters consist of two main blocks: line impedances and LC filter. The line impedance provides high impedance to the mains and the LC filter provides low impedance to the load ensuring maximum harmonic filtering. In this way we achieve that the harmful effects of the harmonics are trapped inside the filter.
The passive filter works very well even under the harshest conditions of harmonic loads.
These filters can be manufactured in an envelope with different IP.
The technical department of RTR Energía offers the possibility of manufacturing equipment according to the client’s application needs, defining power, voltages… Consult with RTR the necessary characteristics.

Regulation Advantages
• EN 61000-2-2
• EN 61558-2-20
• EN 60831-3
• Up to 90% harmonic attenuation.
• Low capacitive effect.
• No risk of resonance.
• Special design for wall mounting.
• Easy to install.
• Thermal protection

Technical characteristics
Rated Voltage 3x400V
Motor Power 4kW to 200kW
Rated Current 8A a 400A
Frecuency 50Hz
Degree of Protection IP21
Overtemperature Protection Included
Mounting Interior (on wall or cabinet)
Class F / 40ºC
Color RAL 5022
Cooling Forced