RTR introduces a new compensation system in its wide range of products, the SVG. This device is not only capable of power factor correction, but can also reduce harmonics to <5% THDI.
RTR’s advanced SVG is capable of generating a compensation current (same magnitude, but opposite phase) in real time to achieve desired power factor and can monitor harmonics up to 15th order thus improving power quality.
SVG working principle
• When the load draws inductive or capacitive current, it causes the current to lag or lead the voltage.
• The SVG detects the difference in phase angle and generates a leading or lagging current in the network, making the phase angle of the current almost the same as that of the voltage on the transformer side, which corrects the factor fundamental power to unity.
• The SVG draws harmonic current from the network in such a way that the magnitude of the current is the same as the harmonic current on the load side.
While its phase is opposite to that of the harmonic current on the load side, which ensures that  the effective value of the harmonic current on the source side is reduced to a negligible level.

• Improves power factor Real time power compensation maintaining unity power factor without over or under compensation. The compensation performance is higher than that of a traditional device.
• Elimination of harmonics It sets the required amount of reactive current in real time and compensates for the harmonic current (up to 15th order) consumed.
• No steps Instantaneous, continuous, without steps and without interruptions.
It does not influence the fluctuation of the mains voltage.
• Correction of phase unbalance Capable of correcting imbalance by programming the device.
• No resonances or transients No risk of harmonic resonances with the network and no transients as there is no switching of passive components.
• Quick response Fast setup capability provides fast response time as low as 50μs and full response in less than 1 cycle.
• Easy installation and maintenance Simple installation, compact modules. Great useful life since there is no electromechanical switching or risks of transients and resonances


* Controllable reactive current source.
* Compensation of current harmonics up to order 15.
* Continuous and precise control.
* Compensation for current imbalance created by the load.
* Individual current correction in the three phases.
* Instantaneous response time of 50μs and full response of less than 1 cycle.


RTR’s SVG is capable of correcting the imbalance existing between phase-phase and phase-neutral for what it does make it a perfect solution for compensation of reactive power with unbalanced load. It is capable to detect the current of each phase and act individually on each of them to improve the
power factor. Individually feed current  of compensation to each phase to improve the factor of power.

Technical Specifications
System Parameters 50kVAr            100kVAr
Nominal voltage 308V a 480V Compensation capacity of a single module 50kVAr            100kVAr
Frecuency 50/60Hz (±2.5Hz) Response time 50μs and full response in less than 1 cycle
Parallel operation Up to 8 unidades Target power factor Adjustable from -1 a +1
Energy efficiency >97% Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Network type 3P3W / 3P4W Noise level <65dB
TI range Configurable by screen up to 10000/5A Normal compensation spectrum Up to 15th order harmonic
CT placement Mains side / Load side Protection functions Overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, IGBT saturation
Circuit Type 3-level inverters
Communication and monitoring capacity
Mechanical properties
Communications port RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), possible via LAN, WIFI (de pago) Mounting type On the floor (rack type) On the wall
Communication protocol RS485 (MODBUS-RTU), possible via LAN, WIFI (de pago) Module dimensions (length x width x height) mm 470 x 653 x 270                 470 x 700 x 240
Communication interface Basic monochrome screen / 4.3’’ touch screen (7’’ on request)

Basic monochrome screen / HMI of 7” and 10” (4.3” on request)

Weight 50kg                            75kg
Software updates Possible via WIFI or via laptop Color RAL 7035
Environmental conditions
Certificates and regulations
Altitude <2000m (higher altitude on request)) CE, EN 50178:1197 / IEC 50178:1997, EN 61000_6_2 (2005) / EN55011, IEC 61000_6_2 (1999)
Operating temperature -10ºC a 45ºC
Relative humidity 95%, non-condensing
Protection class IP 21