Electronic contactors are indicated, as well as static contactors, for those installations where there are rapid and important load fluctuations.
RTR incorporates this new modular battery with electric contactors combined with rejection filters into its range of products, the use of which has the following advantages:
• The use of these contactors allows the capacitors to be connected quickly and without starting transients since the connection occurs when the voltage crosses zero.
• As in the case of the connection, the disconnection is carried out without transients as it occurs in the downward passage through zero of the current.
• The two previous conditions make the times between successive connections and disconnections very short (<1s).

• An immediate response to the demand for compensation is achieved, which is essential in some installations where the load changes rapidly.
• Results in less wear on capacitors and other battery components. This is a direct consequence of removing the transients and of the total absence of moving mechanical parts. The useful life of the equipment as a whole is significantly increased compared to conventional equipment.
• Lower maintenance cost.
• When combined with harmonic rejection filters, we achieve reactive energy compensation in those industrial installations with elements that they generate harmonic distortions in the network, THD greater than 3% and THI greater than 30%.
As a result of all these advantages, RTR manufactures a new model of high-quality modular capacitor bank that facilitates maintenance by be manufactured by means of steps in “plug and play” racks and allows an easy expansion of the same after its acquisition.

* Modularity
* Great quality
* Easy maintenance
* Possibility of extensions
* Long service life, high number of operations
* Fast compensation

Composition and
Under order
• Batteries designed for compensation of reactive energy.
• Use in industrial facilities with a significant consumption reactive energy.
• Indoor use and ventilated environment. For those installations where for consumption is recommended the use of step contactors for 0.            • Use in industrial facilities with elements that generate harmonic distortions in the network, THD greater than 3% and THI greater at 30%.                      • Internal temperature of the equipment ≤55ºC
• DWCAP RCT capacitors.
• Electronic contactors.
• Harmonic rejection filters coupled in series with the capacitors tuned to the resonant frequency 134 o
• Step protection with circuit breakers high power strip court.
• General cut-off switch cargo or optional molded case.                                                                                       • Electronic regulator with microprocessor.
• Connection to be agreed.
• Painted galvanized sheet metal cabinet
• Optional lower plinth.
RTR Energía’s technical-commercial team offers the
possibility of designing batteries to suit the consumer, defining power, frequency, auxiliary equipment…