This new model of hybrid batteries is born from the combination of capacitor banks with electronic contactors ES (without harmonic filters) and ESF (with harmonic filters) and reactive static generators (SVG) giving rise to a capacitor bank that It is capable of compensating both capacitive and inductive reactive energy instantaneously, reaching the desired cosine phi.
These batteries are used in those cases where conventional compensation equipment is not capable of compensating all the reactive energy so quickly and accurately, therefore, they are ideal for dynamic loads with both inductive and capacitive behavior.
The SVG part generates a compensation current (of the same magnitude, but opposite phase) to achieve the desired cos phi without undercompensating or overcompensating and is ideal for applications with unbalanced loads.
These high-quality hybrid batteries stand out, like those of the ES and ESF Series, for facilitating maintenance as they are manufactured using steps in “plug and play” racks and allow easy expansion after purchase.
They have a long useful life and allow a high number of operations as they do not have electromechanical elements.
These devices could be widely used in industries such as steel, metallurgy, mining, automobile industry, municipal engineering, utilities.

Technical Characteristics
Voltage 400Vac Operation Parallel Color RAL 9005 textured
Frecuency 50Hz Mean time between failures ≥ 100.000h Ventilation Forced ventilation by fans
Compensation 30kVAr a 500kVAr (Other powers, consult) Controller Digital signal processor Ambient temperature -10 a +40ºC
Response time 5ms Communications RS485/232/CAN, Modbus protocol Storage temperature -40 a +65ºC
Losses 3% potencia nominal Degree of protection IP21, indoor instalation Relative humidity 5 to 95%, without condensation
Overload capacity 120%