Utility and characteristics Composition Under order Standards and certifications
• Three-phase capacitor and reactance
protected harmonic filtering.
• Equipment designed for compensation of reactive energy in
installations that do not require automatic regulation and in the presence of harmonics.
• Indoor use and ventilated environment.
• Capacitor MA/C/CE TER RCT
• Three-phase surge rejection reactance
• Galvanized sheet metal cabinet.
RAL 1013 cover.
• Connection at the top left.
• Automatic switch.
• Pilot.
• Programmable time
switch for disconnection period
P6 according to
CNMC circular 3/2020
(BOE 02/24/2020).
The RTR technical-commercial team
Energy offers the possibility of designing equipment to suit the consumer, defining power, voltage, auxiliary equipment…
• IEC 60831-1/2.
• EN 60831-1/2.
Technical Characteristics
Capacitance tolerance -5% +10% Max. Harmonic distortion Specific design for harmonics Peak current Until 350xIn
Frecuency 50Hz (60Hz under demand) Discharge resistance Incorporated Protection degree IP-20
Temperature range -25ºC +55ºC (/D) Connections Delta Humidity Max. 95%
Dielectric losses ≤0.2 W/KVAr Test voltage between terminals 2.15 xUn 10s Useful life 150.000h
Total losses ≤0.45 W/KVAr (without resistance)  Test voltage between terminals and box 2.15 xUn 10s Altitude Máx. 4000 m.s.n.m.
Overvoltage 1.10 x Un (up 8h/day)
1.15 x Un (up 30min/day)
1.20 x Un (up 5 min/day)
1.30 x Un (up 1 min/day)
Overcurrent 1.80xIn (including effects of
overvoltage and capacity