Technical Characteristics
Standard IEC 60871-1/2 Residual stress 10% Un after 5 min. Test voltage (T.T) 4 x Un (10 seg.)
Tension 1 – 24 kV Dielectric High purity
Download 75V, <10 minutes
Power until 1000 kVAr Fuses Optional
– Recommended use of
internal fuse
for a mains voltage up to 13.8kV
– Recommended use of external fuse
for a mains voltage from 13.8kV
Degree of protection IP00
Frecuency 50 – 60 Hz Altitude 1000 m.s.n.m. (Others, consult) Terminals Porcelain
BIL (basic insulation level) According to
Max. overtension 1.1 x Un,12h per day (according to
Leakage line To define
Losses <0.15 W/kVAr Max. overintensity 1.3 x In Container Stainless steel
Temperature -50 +55˚C Capacity tolerance -5 a +10% Use Indoor/Outdoor
Dielectric liquid PXE oil, non-PCB, non-toxic and biodegradable Mounting Horizontal/Vertical