Technical characteristics Physical characteristics
• Voltage, intensity, power factor, powers, energies.
• Pulse output
• Maximum power demand
• THD up to level 31
Display Backlit liquid crystal Degree of protection IP54
Electrical Connection 3ø-4 hilos, 3ø-3hilos, 2ø-3hilos, 1ø-2hilos
Degree of protection back cover and connectors IP20
Nominal input voltage 11 a 300V AC (F-N), 19 a 519V AC (F-F) Room temperature -10° C +55° C
Resolution • For energy: 0.01K, 0.1K, 1K, 0.01M, 0.1M, 1M (depends on the ratio of TIxTT)
• For power, voltage, current: automatic resolution
• For power factor: 0.01
Humidity Hasta el 85%
CT primary 1/5 a 10kA (Programmable for any value)
Type of installation Exterior panel
CT secondary 330mV
Display dimensions 99x99x55
Primario del TP 100V a 500kV (Programable para cualquier valor)
Panel cut dimensions 91.5×91.5
Secundario del TP 100 a 500V AC (F-F) (Programable para cualquier valor)
Communication RS485 Protocolo MODBUS RTU
Indications Max/min power demand, communication in progress; energy integration.
Measured parameters Voltage (Ph-N/Ph-Ph) (Individual/Average)
Intensity (F1, F2, F3) (Single/Average)
Hour of operation
Supply voltage 230V AC ±20% (50/60Hz)
Supply voltage 100 a 240V AC, -15% a +12% (50/60Hz)