Technical characteristics Physical characteristics
Display Backlit liquid crystal (4 digits) Degree of protection front display IP54
Auxiliary voltage 90-550V AC Degree of protection back cover and connectors IP20
Type of connection 2 fases Operating temperature 0° C +60° C
Number of CTs required 1 unit (always in the phase not connected to the measurement input) Storage temperature -20° C +60° C
Input voltage range F-F: 50-520V AC Humidity 0-95%
Input current range 5A AC (minimum 50mA, maximum 6A) Type of installation Exterior panel
Frequency range 50/60 Hz Regulator dimensions 96x96x60 mm
Consumption Máx. 15VA Panel cut dimensions 91.5×91.5 mm
Cos control range Cos : 0.800 (inductivo) a – 0.800 (capacitivo) Temperature indication Horn on screen
Alarm • Over temperature: horn on screen
• E01: input error TI