Technical characteristics Physical characteristics
Display Backlit liquid crystal Degree of protection front display IP54
Auxiliary voltage 90-550V AC Degree of protection back cover and connectors IP20
Connection type 2fases-2hilos, 3fases-4hilos, 3fases-3hilos, 1fase-2hilos Operating temperature 0° C +60° C
Number of CTs required 1 or 3 following the connection diagrams Storage temperature -20° C +60° C
Input voltage range F – F: 50-520V AC, F – N: 11-300V AC Humidity 0-95%
Input current range 5A AC (Mínimo 11mA, máximo 6A) Type of installation Exterior en panel
CT Primary Programmable Regulator dimensions 144x144x63 mm
CT Secondary 1A/5A Panel cut dimensions 138×138 mm
Frequency range 50/60 Hz Over temperature indication Fan on display
Consumption Máx. 15VA
Cos control range Cos : 0.800 (inductivo) a – 0.800 (capacitivo)
Alarm indicator Red Led flashing
Readable parameters on the screen Voltage, current, THDI, THDV, factor of power, powers and temperature
Screen update 1s for all parameters
Output relays 12 (+2 additional for alarm and fan
that can be overridden and used as a step)
Alarm Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcompensation,
undercompensation, THDI error, lack of
voltage, THDV error, over temperature, over current, IT error, connection error, absence
input current (E01)