Technical characteristics
Normative IEC 60898-1, IEC 60947-2 Mechanical life (operations) 20.000
Curves • Curve B: 6A a 63A
• Curve C: 0.5A a 63A
• Curve D: 0.5A a 63A
Vibration resistance 3g in frequencies from 10 to 55Hz, 20 cycles
Nominal tension 240/440V Impact resistance 20g, 3 impacts, with a short 10ms duration
Isolated tension 500V Torque 4Nm
Frecuency 50/60 Hz Installation Horizontal/Vertical
Short-circuit breaking capacity 10kA-15kA Terminals Up to 63A: 35mm² (rigid) 25mm² (flexible)
From 80A to 125A: 70 mm² (rigid) 50 mm² (flexibles)
Electric life (operations) 20.000 hasta 32A
12.000 de 40A hasta 63A
10.000 de 80A hasta 125A
Work temperature -25° C,+60° C