In low voltage installations, when a capacitor is connected, a higher degree of resonant phenomenon is produced. Apart from the nominal current, an overcurrent of amplitude greater than 180xIn is produced. The resulting current peaks, caused by the connection of the capacitors, depend on the following factors:
• Inductances in the network.
• Power transformers and short-circuit voltages.
• Fixed or automatic power factor correction systems.
• Presence of harmonics in the network.
Current surge of such a large magnitude is undesirable and could very well damage standard contactors.
For this reason, the use of specific contactors for capacitors is recommended. The MOC class AC-6b model from RTR Energía guarantees correct operation for this application

Operating system

Electromagnetic contactors for capacitor applications are designed to meet special operating requirements.
These contactors incorporate a front block and six limiting resistors to dampen the current peak in the connection of the capacitors.

Technical characteristics MOC5 MOC12,5 MOC15 MOC20 MOC25 MOC30 MOC50 MOC60 MOC70 MOC80 MOC100
Normative IEC 60947-4-1
Power kVAr 230V AC 2.8 7 8.5 11 14 16.5 30 33.5 40 45 55
400-440V AC 5 12.5 15 20 25 30 50 60 70 80 100
Lightning impulse voltage (kV) 8
IP Protection IP20
Coil voltage (V) 240
Coil voltage (V) Mechanic 10.000.000
Electric 200.000
Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 87x57x89 87x57x133.5 123.5x67x163 174×75.5×163 135x82x175 194×92.5×175
P.V.P. (Euros) 38,00 62,50 69,50 75,50 92,50 102,5 188,50 231,50 236,00 244,00 266,50