RTR Energía’s thyristor-based static contactors are designed for automatically controlled reactive energy compensation and where an immediate connection response is required.
These contactors can connect capacitive loads up to 80kVAr in less than 10ms after receiving the trip signal. Its design is based on a powerful microprocessor with algorithms that allow switching at the moment the voltage passes through zero, avoiding deterioration of the capacitor.

Advantages Technical characteristics
• Until 480V Model ST12 ST25 ST50 ST80
• Easy actuation from power factor regulators
or PLCs
Nominal power (kVAr) 12.5 25 50 80
• Longer working life Rated voltage(V) 12.5
• Fast connection response (below 10ms) Nominal Current (A) 20 40 80 115
• Guaranteed condenser connection without
Auxiliary voltage (V) 230V
• Status, voltage and temperature control Connection time (ms) <10
• Possibility of working with or without
harmonic filtering reactors
Connection time (V) 24
• It offers an external connection for a
thermostat, which can be used to
protect harmonic filtering reactors
IP class IP20
• Maintenance free Size(WxHxD) Figura 1
Figura 2
• Silent operation Weight (kg) 2.2 5.9
Working environment temperature (°C) -20, +45
P.V.P. (Euros) 384,00 460,00 580,00 688,00

Figura 1


Figura 2